David Schoenecker

Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, Investor, Happy Husband, Proud Father, and very Grateful

A bit about me.

David Schoenecker has a notable record of success as an executive, entrepreneur, and business strategist. Over the course of more than 25 years, he has taken on many roles—from collaborator to driving force—in initiatives that have generated tremendous growth for a number of exceptional organizations.

Most recently he was COO and Partner at Base Commerce, a payment processing and technology company. During his tenure, David’s oversight and hands-on involvement were pivotal in producing dramatic improvements throughout the organization, from operations and culture to marketing and revenue growth, and his efforts were essential to a nearly tenfold increase in the company’s valuation in less than five years, culminating in a successful acquisition in December of 2020.   

Starting his career as a sought-after business consultant, David channeled that entrepreneurial spirit into the founding and operation of KODA, a highly regarded branding and marketing agency. In his 14 years as KODA’s President and Founder, he also participated in a number of business ventures in aviation, luxury consumer goods, and online publications, earning several accolades from respected organizations along the way. To close the chapter of running a successful agency, David successfully sold KODA to a strategic partner in the branding & marketing space.

Fundamental to David’s record of success is his ability to assess business challenges from the perspective of an owner, executive, shareholder, and strategist. He also has a communication style that is both unapologetically direct and reassuringly diplomatic, and that is at the heart of the meaningful relationships he maintains with his peers.

Today, having guided Base Commerce through capital raising, M&A activity and due diligence related to the organization’s acquisition by a large, publicly traded company, David is turning his attention to other opportunities. In particular, he thrives on the challenge of helping businesses break free from the status quo to build tangible, lasting value, grow their revenue, and ultimately achieve their full potential.